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Did you know that many employees are even more grateful with a Christmas gift with a positive social impact? Make all your colleagues happy this year with a Christmas choice gift card and contribute to sustainability.

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Choose your gift voucher online for the nicest Christmas gifts! gift card

For millions of Christmas gifts for all your colleagues.

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Sustainable Christmas gifts for your colleagues.

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Granted Christmas gifts as Christmas gift employees

A personalised Christmas gift for all colleagues and online choice

The Christmas Voucher is the Christmas choice gift card of 2023. Because a physical Christmas parcel will not always please all colleagues. Moreover, there is more (food) waste with a Christmas parcel. The free choice of gift cards will therefore certainly be appreciated by colleagues. This way, they can choose the nicest Christmas gifts themselves! After all, every colleague has his or her own taste and preference for certain products. 

A personalised Christmas gift for all colleagues, is that possible? Yes, because with the Christmas voucher, colleagues themselves choose a favourite gift voucher online from the three concepts. There is a gift voucher for a lot of choice or a gift voucher with many sustainable and unique products. But colleagues can also donate the Christmas voucher to the charity of their choice. In short, this way, colleagues decide for themselves which Christmas gift employees really want. 

In addition, you can personalise the Christmas voucher with a nice Christmas message for your colleagues! So with a Christmas choice gift card, you give a personalised Christmas gift and online choice for happy colleagues!

Did you know that employees want the organisation they work for to also make a difference towards positive change in the world?

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Choose your Christmas gift from millions of gifts. Always a product to suit you!

Over 15,000,000 products
Free delivery from €20
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Consciously choose a sustainable Christmas gift. Better for yourself and better for the world!

10% off your purchase!
5,000+ plastic-free, toxin-free products
Organic and ecological for the home
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Support the charity you care about. Christmas is a great time for your contribution!

Choice of 100+ charities
22,672 donations since 1 Dec 2021
Over €100,000 donated

With the Christmas Coupon, you choose from one of our gift vouchers:

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Millions of gifts with gift card
Nationale goededoelenbon
Choice of 100+ charities
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Choice of 5,000+ sustainable gifts
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Choice of 2,500+ perfumes
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Choice of 9,000+ pet supplies
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Choice of 5,000+ individual magazines
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You get a gift voucher worth €15 for yourself with a quote from €1000.

We guarantee happy colleagues! The Christmas Voucher is a Christmas choice gift card with 3 concepts. Colleagues choose a favourite gift card online themselves for the nicest Christmas gifts.

As for millions of Christmas gifts from Or for unique, sustainable products from the National Green Gift Voucher. Colleagues also have the choice to support a good cause with the National Charity Voucher. A perfect Christmas gift employees!

In short, colleagues choose their own personalised Christmas gift!

A Christmas choice gift card is personal and sustainable

A Christmas choice gift card is personal as all colleagues choose a favourite gift card for Christmas gifts they will really appreciate. This way, you ensure only happy and satisfied colleagues. But not only that because a Christmas choice gift card is also more sustainable than a physical Christmas parcel. Because did you know that many Christmas gift products are wasted every year? We at Christmas Voucher think this is a great shame and unnecessary. After all, it is becoming increasingly important to live consciously and respect our earth. 

By giving colleagues their own choice in Christmas gifts, you avoid waste. Because this way, colleagues themselves choose the Christmas gifts that are wanted and useful. Moreover, with the Christmas voucher, we contribute even more to sustainability. Like with the National Green Gift Voucher where you can choose from unique, organic and Fairtrade products. All products are made with respect for people, animals and the environment. But also with the Nationale Goededoelenbon you contribute to a better world by donating your Christmas Gift Card to a good cause. Part of Kadobon Online BV

In short, colleagues decide for themselves with a gift card of their choice. For happy colleagues and a more sustainable world!

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